tel-star wheel pics


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Aug 20, 2002
anyone have pics of there gn with the tel-star wheel on it? would really like to see them. are they alluminum wheel, no steel correct? e-mail or post here, van
15x7 up front, 15x8 rears. I bought these in hopes of running wider tires, but with a 4" BS, it isn't much of an improvement.

Well I don't know why it won't appear here, oh well.
Zam that wheel and tire combo looks awesome, what backspacing did you use on the front and rear wheels, and are you using alum drums?
thanks for the pics guys cars look great, but did not know they made a 4 inch bs in tel star. do you guys remember how much they weight or loss over stock gn rims?
Zam, do you get any rubbing on the frame rails when turning?

Yeah, Summit is great. Free shipping is good.

The wheels are noticably lighter than stock when swapping them.
Sadly, the "only" backspace you can get is 4".......this limits tire size a bit unless you modify the frame and/or fender

275X60's fit fine on the 8" as do 28X9 slicks....28X10's won't fit without some notching (DOT tire like 28X11 ET Street fits also)
using regular drums, no aluminum.
3 1/2" FRONT, 4" REAR back space - No rubbing. Had to initially trim the right 1/4 just a hair (would barely skip when going over a big dip). After trimming, it never rubs (even with passengers in the rear) with no air in the bags. Good clearance to the frame.
van460....if you got 4.5 bs on an 8" rim, you got some serious frame work done...or maybe you got 10" rims?

my point was, on an 8" rim for our cars, ideal would be can get from Centerline
blackbeauty awsome car man, seeing pictures of cars like your is what keeps me working on mine, truly inspirational!!!!
tried a weld pro star with 41/2 bs and had 1/2 clearance w/ 28 12.5 et street look great- have not tried a 8 w/ 41/2 yet. no frame work. can send pics of set-up. you are talking about a 10" wide wheel, not an 8" wheel, right???

4.5 on a 10" will work fine

won't work on an 8" wheel

lets all talk about the same thing!
Does anyone know what the tel-star weighs, and are they durable enough for street use?
they don't weigh much....kinda like Draglites except they have a billet center and rated at 6,000 lbs......streetworthy
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blackbeauty awsome car man, seeing pictures of cars like your is what keeps me working on mine, truly inspirational!!!!
Thanks for the kind words. :cool:
like i said i have not tried the 8 inch with the 41/2 yet, but i will. try to get some pics of the 10's on the car.
4.5" backspacing on a 8" or 10" wheel would yeild the same frame clearance, because back space is backspace, regardless of rim width. Back space is the distance from the wheel flange to the outside edge of the rim. It makes no difference if the wheel is 6 inches wide or 20. So I politely say you're wrong azgn, at least this time.

Where it would make a difference is quarter panel lip clearance. I have a set of draglites with 4.5 bs and a set with 3.5 bs. The 4.5's are very close to the frame, and will rub occasionally without spacers. The 3.5's are close to the quarter lip, with lots of frame clearance. I'm very happy with my Telstars with the 4" bs.:D ;);)
ts6, I politely say you, sir, are correct...however, you are overlooking how the width of a wheel affects the section width of a tire when mounted.....a wider rim on a big tire tends to reduce the bulge or section width and improve the clearance (in this case to the frame)

so, a 4.5 bs may work on a 10" rim, but maybe not on an 8" rim (regarding frame clearance), if you see my point....the tire being the thing that rubs, not the rim.....

anyhow, ya can't get anything but 4"bs on 8" Telstars as far as I have been able to determine...I would really like to try some 28X10's, but it isn't gonna work on my car without some notching......

all that said, they are still the best looking wheel for a GN IMHO

let's all write Centerline and demand a 3.75" bs!