Tell me if I am right on this about the Powerplate..


I have a bad vacuum leak around the doghouse on my car, it has a fairly thick spacer, today I plan to remove the spacer and install my Power Plate with some RTV to see if this gets rid of the leak. My question is this: If I don't drill the EGR hole, and don't change anything else, it's fine as long as when I order a chip I tell the chipmaker to disable the EGR? I might get a little more knock in teh mean time, but I don't go past half throttle anway because I don't have big fuel yet.

Make sense?
Thanks :)
You are correct, but 2 things: Use the supplied GM gaskets for the Power Plate, not RTV, and the egr is not used under WOT, but rather in cruise conditions. Disabling it until you get a new chip may cause some issues. What chip do you have now?
stock chip..been waiting to decide on some injectors..that's why I was wondering what hi-z injector it is that Racetronix is working on but won't say the size..should I just get a set of used 50's for much cheaper? I don't plan on more than mid-low 11's..

Also we just did the install on the PP and no more vacuum leak! And blm's are back down to 124 or so!!