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May 24, 2001
test post


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It's a transmission lock up circuit for a LS1 F-body. You ground the torque converter like a buick but you have to show 12V to the ECM to avoid the computer getting mad and telling on you.

I posted it here, because it was the quickest way to put it on the web and I'm always here anyways (I don't know if my camaroz28 log on still works since I got a new email addy).

Next time I'll have a contest for everyone to guess what I post.
Turbo TR,
What are you building? Is that a going to be a stage motor.
What size turbo is that? Are those gn1 heads?

Chris McDade

Hi Chris. Building a 274" S2 on center, '153 block, new GN1-R's, ~ 9:1 CR, billet rods, Motorsport crank, JE's, solid roller cam. It's almost done. Being built by Dale Robertson in WA. That's my old T76 turbo. It'll go back on for now, but we're also gonna spray this one a little bit too.