Testing the waters-Weld draglites for sale


Turbo LSX Trader
Aug 7, 2007
He Guys, I have 2 sets of weld draglites that came with my car, Im thinking about selling one of the back sets and both front sets, wheels are in good condition just need polishing, The rears are 15x10 and the fronts are 15x4.5 and 15x8, fronts have tires, rears will have a good set of MT street et's. Just seeing if anybody would be interested before I stuff these wheels in storage, Let me know, Im open to offers, Thanks, Ryan
Weld doesn't make a 15X4.5 Draglite. It's either a 3.5" or 5". I would be interested in a pair of 15X5's, but not 3.5's. I already have those.