TH2004R for ´57 Chevy PU


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Oct 28, 2003
Rear one, I would like to block in a Chevy PU 1957 a TH2004R. Engine becomes 5.7 V8. The transmission should clear-come with for instance 500HP! Which parts should I block around the transmission to make durable? Greeting
I has a transmission TH2004R to obstruct into a Chevy PU with 5.7 V8. The transmission should be overtaken and be to 500 hp durably. Which components should be obstructed for this?
Sorry for English i am German... ;)
Unless you have a 4 wheel drive pickup, it will have traction problems (not hook up well) due to poor weight distribution.

If you have a 2 wheel drive pickup (traction limited) look at the "Minimum Upgrades for a Low 12 Tranny" thread.

NOTICE: I am not an expert- Anyone with more accurate or pertinent information, please feel free to jump in.