TH350 help....


I have a 305/TH350 setup in my regal, Transmission has NEVER had a problem, clean fluid, no smell, rebuilt less than 3K ago. I drove it maybe 1/2 mile the other night up to the gas station, shut it down, pumped gas, and got back in. When I fired it up in Park it almost felt like it was trying to catch gear, and when I tryed to put it into reverse, she started creepin' foward, tryed to put it in neutral, and it kept creepin foward, its the same in Drive, 2nd, and 1st. Then today when I went to go fire it up in park, it just lunged foward like it's in Drive, and it still dosen't have reverse, or neutral....Anybody have any idea's? Any help is hella appreciated.
the forward clutches are burnt and stuck on trying to drive the front ring gear as soon as torque is applied to the input shaft.try to push it backwards in neutral with the engine off and youll see it wont go easily:D
Well, right now, it wont even go into neutral... but in park, it rolls fairly easily, well, as easily as a ton and a half pig rolls....
Thats kinda what I was thinkin'...I checked the linkage, everything looks alright. I cant even get the tranny out of park with the linkage disconnected.