Thanks Bobby Mason


Turbocharged Sex Cylinder
Feb 25, 2003
The past weekend we recruited board member Bobby Mason (BMason) to drive to Tennessee to load our damaged 2002 Camaro SS and haul it over 500 miles to our house in Virginia.
He dropped the car off last nite as promised, and we would highly recommend his sevices to anyone. In our experience he was easy to contact, responsive and professional. And he was realistically priced compared to some of the larger auto transport companies we contacted.
Thanks, Bobby.

Rick & Kristi
Bobby is one of the nicest TR guys I've met. Has helped me many times with my issues (all of them, not just TR stuff. ;) )


It was nice to meet you guys Sunday night and thanks for the kind words.

Jorge/Sam, thanks guys. I think I'm going to cry!


PS - Jorge, IF (that's a big "if"), I can get my mom's medical situation stabilized, I'll be down for the Bradenton event in Feb with a couple of cars from up this end! :D