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I have a l-98 type 406 cid , mini ram intakewith 36# injectors. Cam mechanical roller, @250- 260 @.050. Heads are AFR 210 cnc to 239 cc I'm shifting between 7200 and 7600 rpm when racing. The converter thats on its was is being tightned to approx stall / flash of 3300 rpm.The car idles @ 900 rpm , there is no improvement form 13 to1 or 15 to 1 at idle . The 15 to one is much nicer in the shop ideling.

Thanks JOE
I always idle a motor as lean as possible without it surging. It reduces the chances of blacking out the plugs, and like you said, it reduces the exhaust smell. If it idles well at 15:1 that is exactly where I would leave it - nice and lean.