Thanks guys!


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thanks to everyone for helping me out today! What a bummer the tranny went out.:( I guess it shows how awesome our community is when everyone pitches in to help a brother out! You guys are great! -----Jeremy
Did you get a warranty with that tranny??????? Don't worry Jimmy will take care of it! Nice to see all you guys again.
Buick guys stick together.

Im just wondering what the guy in the BMW was thinking up until everything went bad. I never got to ask if u whipped that car or not?
We are going to have to wait 2 weeks until the new converter gets here but I know that new trans will work well for me. I just miss my car. I just sit there all alone in my garage:( . Yeah I guess I ruined it for Jose because he put a BIG WOOPIN on that Beemer. I really wasnt racing cause I didnt want to hurt my car. Guess that idea flopped!!!! thanks again guys!;)