THDP questions


Technical advisor
Aug 2, 2001
im about to put a te-70 and atr headers on...which thdp do i order and what is the "jersey style " thdp.

is the thdp enough to prevent boost creep with a te-70. TIA.

just be sure and order the one for ATR headers......boost creep should not be a problem

the jersey type has the dump going straight down vs out to the side
Hey bud. sorry to hear about the engine. Off topic, i see you have a v2 front mount. how do you like it and is it black or polished. if polished do you have a pic. are you going to make it to the dyno day. Ill be there but not w/ the car. but my buddy is brining his 70 cuda and his boss is bringing his cobra replica 351/450 horse to dyno. later.
thank you azgn...but is that dump off the downpipe or on the testpipe. If anyone has some pics please post em because i plan on placing my atr muffler where my cat is and adding another quieter muffler in the usual single shot location. The singleshot flows great but is a little too loud for me. if the dump is off the downpipe , ill put an electric cutout on it and use that when racing.

jetmech, its good to hear from ya. yes i do have the polished v2. when i find my dig camera ill send u pics. im changing over to a precision fm. after inspecting both i feel the precision is better in the way the pipes are.cosmetically the v2 looks better. i feel the times would be identical. which dyno day are u speaking of? were u at the last two ccgsca meetings? i was but we didnt run into eachother. currently im workin on another 87 with my old setup on it and would like to see what it can do on the dyno.

thanks to everyone
The dyno day is april 6 , there is a thread in the lounge. and I missed the one at caspers but i was at ANS. I was with a buddy that is pretty tall and bald. thanks for the pic. My buddy just bought the precision fm and painted it for the stealth look but man those 3 inch pipes are impessive looking. btw the core of the intercooler starts 6 1/2 grill fins from the edge of the grill. so there is some blockage of the tanks to the radiator. fwiw.