THDP too low? groud clearance...


John 15:17
Nov 12, 2001
The bottom end of my THDP is very low. It seems to be an inch or two lower then my stock tranny pan. It somtimes scrapes the road when I hit big bumps.

Is this normal? I am affraid it is going to screw something up with my turbo...

I am thinking of trimming a little bit off the end of it...
i have a thdp with a dumper and i haven't scraped yet maybe your suspension is shot because the thdp shouldn't touch, do you have a test pipe or dumper?
Originally posted by 1of1035
Is it a jersey dump?

Sorry but did you mean that towards me or jsta6 i only ask cause i didn't see where he metioned he had a dump, but if you mean me it is a thdp with a th dumper :D
My "test pipe" has the dump on the side of it. Which does make it lower.

But it really is the pipe itself that is so damn low...

Car isn't to low, yet...

new shocks. Wheels are 245/45/17. I do have lowering springs which dropped it about an inch. But it is also coming down another inch soon...:cool:
Originally posted by jsta6
something must be wrong with their website...price says $175?:rolleyes:
Nope, that's what they cost for the poly mounts, won't need an engine tie-down any longer either with them.
won't need an engine tie-down any longer either with them.

That is cool. I didn't now that.

What are some good "inexpensive" ones for those of us that have to spend $200 / week in diapers, formula and childcare?
If you can't go w/the poly's, I would just replace them w/aftermarket. Just go to Autozone, etc. Any new mount should bring the engine back to to stock height in the frame, and help your dp to ground clearance problem. HTH