The 50lb MSD Chip


May 24, 2001
The MSD 50lb Chip Bob Bailey and I worked on years ago is still what I run and is still the king of all alcohol injection chips ever made. Over 2 years of testing and engineering. All features you see in the current chips were made pretty much in those 2 years. It still kicks some serious ass today.

I thought for a bit that it had a problem with to much timing and pinged and blew smoke at the back. With the "old school" SMC dual injector awesome alcohol kit with one twist of the knob for the alcohol to come on 1 second sooner I finally found what it was supposed to do. Rip tires and grip your ass. Dang! 10 seconds under your under pants.
The car still today is retarded fast. Quarter throttle waxes everything I've seen on the street in my area. When you wax all trailered cars and the crew of the track comes and says "You were extremely fast and all but don't come back without a cage" says something. And it did. And years later it still hasn't seen the track. '86 T-Type WH1 Designer Series. 1 of 463. No cage will ever be in it.

Race on!