The Awakening Pts 2 and 3


Bench Racing Hater
Aug 7, 2003
Part 2
2 months later…
As Tyler climbed into his silver 2001 Pontiac Sunfire, he put his hand on the steering wheel and a flashback hit him.
“Tyler!” Amber screamed out in his mind as he relived the crash.
Tyler snapped back into reality and had his hand against the back of the passenger seat as if to protect his now deceased girlfriend from the wreck that occurred months ago.
As he started the car, he moved the stick shift into reverse to back out of the lane, extra cautiously. He was pretty nervous today, because it was his first days at the local college scene. Tyler hadn’t left the house much since he was released from the hospital a month ago, and wasn’t too fond of driving anymore. He slowly accelerated out of sight from his house and waved good-bye to his mother before the small evergreen in the front yard blocked their view. As Tyler made his turn onto the highway, two cars went flying by him at high speeds and he remembered that fateful night again. When he reached the college parking lot a few minutes later, he got out of his car and locked it. He had a few classes with his friends today, so at least that would be a big plus.
As he entered his first class of the day, the plump professor, probably fifty-five years of age looked up at him and welcomed him to class. His friends James and Kyle motioned over to him to come sit by them. They were some of the only people who came and visited him. Amber’s family did too every now and again, but he knew they still blamed him for the loss of their daughter. He could see it in their eyes.
“Hey bro, how’s it goin’?” whispered James as Tyler sat down next to him.
“Nervous and still having those ****ing flashbacks” he whispered back to him.
“Tyler, you need to come to the races with us this weekend, man. Gavin has put a lot of work in his motor and he says he is the fastest thing around now. The only car that gave him a shot was your GN before the wr—“ Kyle said excitedly till James gave him a glare and Tyler slumped back into his seat with a great pained expression on his face.
James just shook his head at Kyle, with that “you damn moron” look upon his face. Kyle was always that way though. He never really had the fast car, but loved watching the races. As the saying goes, when God dealt him brains, he got the short end of the stick. Kyle was just one of those kids that really never knew when to shut his mouth. He played football and never had the time to really build up a car, or had the concentration for highly detailed work.
James was the Salutatorian of the trio’s class, a true genius in ways. The kid could pump math calculations through his head like no ones business and could reprogram a chip with minimal effort. This is how he was able to finance his skyline, which ran mid 12’s all day.
Tyler was one of the nicest kids you may have ever met in your life. Never did anything wrong until his dad passed away from cancer only a few months before the crash, and he was left the GN sitting in the garage. When his father died, his mother and him were left with a large insurance check on top of their all ready hefty bank account, so money was no factor in it. That is when he got into drag racing. His mom was very concerned with it, because she didn’t want to lose the only thing she had left. Tyler started with a low 12-second platform. He slapped on a TE-62 turbo, a Mease Performance intercooler, and a street cam from Comp Cams. After this, he took the car to the track with a new best of 11.4. Tyler read up on alcohol injection kits and fabricated one up himself, got his heads ported, and got his transmission built up with all billet parts and a new 3000 stall. He took it to the track the following week and ran a new best of 11.0. He had a new hobby he loved, and was very proud of the work he did on the car.
As class ended, the three friends walked out of the building, and decided to have a smoke break until their next class together.
Kyle lit his cigarette and asked Tyler again if he was going to go to the races this weekend at the track.
“Let me think about it, man. I am still not sure if I am ready for it yet.” He replied softly as he opened his box of marlboro cigarettes.
“Sound good, guy. Just let me know by this weekend and we can get something hooked up.” Said James.
As the three lit their cigarettes, the moved onward down the three block walk to their next class. Tyler had thought about getting another Grand National and doing all the work to make it kick some serious ass again, but didn’t know if he had the heart to go through with it. Too much **** to deal with in his mind before he could pour his heart into another car.
Before the guys entered the next building, Tyler stopped them.
“I’ll go to the track, but if I get weird… just let it go, okay?”
“Sure thing, we know you’ve had a tough time, don’t let us pressure you into anything.” Kyle said, which was very sincere for something that was uttered from his mouth.
“Thanks, guys. For everything.”
“What are friends for?” James said as he gave Tyler a little punch in the shoulder.
Part 3
Kyle, James, and Tyler showed up at the local drag strip that Friday night in James’s Skyline followed by a few guys from their crew. After they paid their way in the gate filled out the waiver and got the car numbered, the crew moved from car to car to get them prepped. Tyler’s crew “Underground” was now averaging mid to high 12’s. The crew included James’s Skyline, a low 12 73 Nova, a 2001 Trans Am WS6 running mid 12’s, a 99 Grand Prix GT running low 13’s with no nitrous, just a supercharger and forged internals, an s-10 with a 383 stroker running high 12’s due to traction problems, a 93 Camaro Z28 running mid 12’s and a 69 Chevelle SS running high 12’s. They were always feared as they went down the street as a team.
Kyle got out his video camera and moved to the fence parallel to the track to start filming as the crew started moving into the staging lanes. As the car made it’s passes, all the cars seemed to be on par. Tyler started to feel alive again as he saw the cars run down the track, as he smelled the exhaust fumes, and heard the great sound of cars burning out and flying down the track.
When James got lined up, he donned his helmet and his five-point harness. As James did his burnout, the whistle from his T3/T4 hybrid bounced off the trees and surrounding buildings by the track and people started to turn and whisper to their friends next to them, probably gossiping about his car. The Skyline idled forward to the prestage lights as the Ford Gran Torino in the opposite lane tripped the stage light. James tripped the stage and held the brake as he boosted up. The amber lights flashed down and the light went green. James pulled away from the start as the Torino launched hard but couldn’t play catch up very well down towards the end of the track. 12.429 flashed on the board at the end of the track. Next up was Josh, in his Grand Am GT. He was against Gavin in his 69 Camaro. Time to see what he could run now that he was faster. Gavin had the no clocks “NC” on his back window, but must have gotten in the timed lane on accident. The two did their burnouts as Gavin crossed the Prestage and stage before Josh got to the prestage. Bad etiquette thought Tyler as he stood there watching. The lights went green as Gavin threw up one front wheel off the ground as they went off the line. Josh didn’t have a chance in this race, but put up a valiant effort. Gavin’s board flashed 10.997 as members of his crew started cheering. One of them, whose name Tyler couldn’t remember, glared at him and gave a smirk, then turned away and walked back to the pits.
Tyler walked back to James’s pit spot and congratulated him on the nice run.
“You see Gavin run, James?” asked Tyler.
“No, what’d he run?”
“A 10.997. He has dropped almost a half second now.”
“Want to go talk to him?” James asked.
“I don’t know, man… I’m still not too fond of him.”
“Come on, you don’t have to say a word.”
Tyler looked at the ground and muttered sure. The two walked over to the other crew’s pit area and went up to Gavin’s car as they ice bagged it down. A few of Gavin’s fellow crew members came up and got in front of James and Tyler.
“Hey guys, we are only here to talk, so back off” said James in a serious tone.
“Sure thing, but we have a two minute time limit on pussies being in our area” said Jake, one of the members of Unreal Racing.
“Hey girls, what do you need, besides faster cars?” queried Gavin
“Sorry, Gavin, we don’t just bum money off of our parents for whatever we want to burn on our cars” shot back James.
“Tyler, does everyone do the talking for you now, because your POS GN couldn’t before.”
“It had you.”
“Yeah, but I remember you not being able to handle a real car and killing your bitch in the process.” He said, dropping the socket wrench in his hand, anticipating a fight.
Tyler’s eyes almost turned red as he swung his arm back and decked Gavin in the face. As Gavin stumbled backwards, Tyler went in for the knock out blow, but James grabbed him. He knew when Tyler got mad, he could take on an army, but wasn’t looking forward to getting booted from the track for fighting or getting ganged up on by Gavin’s crew.
“**** you, you piece of ****, it wasn’t my fault and you ****ing know it. I will ****ing kill you, I will ****ing kill you.” He screamed as tears streamed down his face. As James struggled back to get Tyler in his Skyline, Sky pulled up in his Nova.
“Hey man, what is the problem?” Sky asked.
“Hold on a second”
“Get in and stay in, we are going home, man.” He yelled at Tyler.
Tyler finally complied and got into the car and put his hands up to his face and started sobbing even harder.
“We went over to start talking to Gavin and he said some **** about Amber and Tyler decked him pretty good”. He said as he walked over to Sky’s car. He loved the paint job on this car too, yellow with black racing stripes.
“Want the rest of us to go beat some ass for you guys?” Sky asked eagerly.
“Naw, we are just going home, but watch your backs and your cars tonight, okay? Someone will need to give Kyle a ride home too.”
“Gotcha, I’ll relay it to the rest of the crew.” Sky said.
“Catch you later man”
“See ya.”
James hopped into his car started it, dropped it into gear and started to drive away. When they exited the track, Tyler raised his head up from his hands and his face was beet red with tears still steadily falling down his face.
“I killed the only thing I truly loved” sobbed Tyler.
“No, you didn’t, man. It wasn’t your fault at all. None of it, you need to realize that. You really need to quit blaming yourself for **** you didn’t do. You couldn’t control that van coming into your lane or anything. What happened, happened. We all miss Amber. I am not going to bull**** you, I know I can’t feel YOUR pain, but seeing you like this is killing me. You are my best friend and I am always here for you.” James yelled as he shed a few tears as well.
“I know I couldn’t control everything that happened, but I took her with me, and maybe if I would have turned just a little less or may-“
“Maybe nothing. You couldn’t of handled that ANY better than you did. She begged you to take her after you told her no, because it was too dangerous and you didn’t want her to get hurt. There was no way we thought anything could have happened that night. Plus, you are the best driver I know.” James was finally screaming at him.
“James?” he looked up surprised, like he was just slapped.
“What, man?” James answered sincerely, knowing that Tyler’s voice and attitude had just changed.
“Did I get a good hit in on Gavin?” he asked with a small smirk on his face.
“Hell yeah, almost knocked him cold on one hit” he laughed back as he pulled up to Tyler’s house.
“One more thing, bro”
“Sure, anything.”
“Would you help me build another car?”
“Oh, hell yes.”
Not bad, not bad at all. Kinda anxious to see whats gonna happen.

Oh by the way, I wish I could just decide to build a car just like that, but then again I bet everyone does.....
awsome! i'd expect to see something like this published in a book, not on a website for everyone to read for free. GREAT story!
Consider this one your freebie then :p I dont know where to go or even know any publishers :( so I doubt I could get it done, but it is an idea. When I am finished, I might send it to a few mags or internet zines... not sure yet. I got one website all ready though.
great story Robes!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next edition, keep em coming and thanks for sharing with us.