The joy ride might be over.


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Well I guess I've put this off for a while now but I no longer have that luxury. I hope I put this tread in the right section, if not any moderator can feel free to move it as to it's proper location.

My question due deteriorating health issues that only seem to be getting worse and I can not seem to get a straight answer from my doctor, all I seem to get is if we do this or that I might be able to live for ??? And my concern is to try to leave less headaches for my wife, are the following.

First we our legally married but 87 Limited is currently titled in just my name should I retitled it in both our names?

Second should I keep and enjoy it to my last days or start the slow process of selling it now while I'm still alive?

Thanks for any advice you may have.
That’s a tough place to be.

Enjoy life while you can but when the time is short, get your affairs straightened out to make it easier on your wife.

Keep your head high!

A lot of people wish they had the chance to get things in order.

Take care.

I have always kept things in order because you never know. I have a very good friend that will sell all my stuff that the wife did not want and make sure her interests are looked after. Actually there are a few of us that have made this commitment to each other because we have so much stuff and don't want to burden the family. My father always told me to live every day like its your last because some day it will be. He is a smart old boy. Take care and I hope things turn around for you
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Get the wills up to date. If she has Legal power of attourney it shouldn't be a problem for the car to be in your name but it can't hurt to have the title changed. Beware of the difference in and and or on the title.
Sorry to hear about your situation. I wish the best for you.

Have her added to the title and designate it "or". I own a car dealership and have run into this situation before and if things aren't lined out right it can get complicated depending on your state laws.

Enjoy every day you can and if the car is part of that then keep it. I would think your wife would want that too. If it's special to you she may want to hang on to it? Only you would know that but do your best to make things easy for her and try and get your health back.

God Speed to you!
Sorry to hear about this, hope your health turns around and you are able to get better. Unless you for financial reasons need to sell the car, you should keep the car and add your wife onto it with the " or " so that either of you can do anything with the car in the event anything happens to one of you.
Enjoy spending time with your wife, any other family & friends and enjoy the car. Like others said make sure you get stuff in order so that if your health doesn't get better, she isnt left trying to fight with stuff once you're not around.

Praying everything gets better for you and your family, really hope you're able to pull through and make a recovery.

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Thanks for your advice and insight.

I bought the car back in my younger days and at the moment didn't really think about the future was just to excited that I finally was able to afford one but now it dawns on me the reality of things, that I should have done differently.

I forgot to state in my original post that we reside in Illinois, if that helps any.

Thanks again to those who have replied.
Any kids or step/kids? When my wife passed almost 9 yrs ago, her "adult" kids from her first marriage, became total butheads. The step daughter talked so much she made it easy to change my will. Now neither of them talk to me or come around. It's amazing what money will do at a time like this.
I really hope things turn around Vader. I've got no one other than my dogs and a few friends to leave things to if something happens but I understand the delema you're going through.Make sure she's taken care of and all of the necessities are covered.;)
Get a will and see an attorney experienced in estates. They know the right questions to ask. You can then have peace of mind knowing all the bases are covered. Sorry to hear of your situation - you are way too young to be going through this. :(
Being by my girlfriends side she has lost her mother and grandmother within two years. All to cancer. Her father passed when she was young. She has no parents nothing. But her mother and grandmother did have funeral plans and plots already paid for. Wills updated. Do as much as you can to make the decisions easier for your loved ones. Like many have said. Money will change people. So get it straightened out. God bless you and your family.
Have you gotten a second opinion from another doctor? It will not hurt to see another doctor and get his opinion. We tend to think that Doctors are infallible and always right, not knocking your Doctor of course. I wish you and yours well.
I pray that your health is better than you think. Second I would focus on your life after death prior to things of this life. PM me with any question you may have.
You know best what your car is worth. I think you should sell it, take the money and enjoy a trip. Unless your wife wants to keep it and enjoy it as much as you have, which in most cases is unlikely. I hope you get better.
Get everything in order and prepared to be done the ways that are best for your wife and you will live another 25 years. Thats called making Murphy's Law work FOR you. Once you get everything in order Murphy's Law won't have any choice but to make it unnecessary. Good luck and sending you prayers.
Get a will written up...make sure everything you want to give to whomever is listed.....give your wife power of attorney ........keep the car, put your wife's name on the title...and on the deed to the house....a trust is a good idea.....keep anything that makes you happy, even for 10 seconds.....definitely seek another doctor for a second and even a third opinion.....medicine is changing could do as I did....I listed everything with an identifying number, serial number and it's present value, i.e. my cars, all of my guitars, amps, drums, guns, tools, etc. and keep them in a safe. In my will I left everything to my beloved wife.......with wishes to have me cremated and dumped down the Holley carburetor of my '69 Vette while having it revved up to 6.500 rpm.:jawdrop:

I'm going to pray for you........hard.....prayers do work, you know? You just keep doing the best as you can......and remember..............if you die on me I'll kill you!

Best of all, never give up....EVER! I damn well know everyone here are going to be pulling for you 100%.

May the Lord watch over you and your family.

Bruce '87 Grand National