The Rarest 1987 Buick....

I have thought seriously about this car. I wish it was closer (to Maryland). Learned my lesson driving a little over 12 hours and not liking what I went to see. Very rare car for sure.
It is that time of year again. Car is back up for sale. On CL I have it listed for $11,500. Thank you all for looking!
Here is the link, has the same info but some different pics.

So.... last fall you wanted $10k, you just posted $11.5k, and your CL ad says $19.5k????

Just WTF kinda game are you playing here?

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My buddy sent him a deposit
And awaiting when he can have it shipped
Hopefully the deal gets done cause it would go to a good home
I have the same car, build date Oct, 19u-w02 car, I also have the filled in header panel with no ornament and I took off the chrome bumpers and put them away and threw on some black bumpers. I knew they were rare, cool its less than 200 roughly.