The Saga Continues


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May 25, 2001
Is there a speciific thing that would be suspect if all the forward gears work good (no slippage), but reverse slips terribly. I even get a burning smell and some smoke from the tranny as I try to back up (giving some RPM's). I'm not sure, but since 1 and 2 works good, I thought they used the same clutches as reverse, so I don't think it would be the clutches. Is there something in the valve body? How about the tranny fluid? The FA fluid I put in it does smell burned. I adjusted the TV cable back 2 notches toward the firewall the other day and tried it. Reverse worked pretty good, but the WOT shifts wouldn't happen until I was bouncing off the rev limiter... TV back to normal now and Reverse is back to BAD... It wasn't great with the TV cable toward the firewall, but I would live with it...

Please, ANY help of where to look would be great to start searching for the culprit. Also, I have an art carr non-L/U tranny/converter. I got the instruction for their shift kit and it says to omit the TV exhaust checkball which it is. could that have something to do with this??? I'm about to just go to completely stock as far as checkballs and see what happens. This is a NON-BRF valve body too....

"Derrick.,....... You got problems. Get it to someone who knows.. "

ya Bruce I think he knows he has a problem BUT he's asking for any ideas for his problem :)
I believe Bruce was trying to convey the fact that the transmission seems to be beyond any one specific fix as Derrick was asking. The symptoms point to something that's likely going to be tricky to diagnose and repair over the 'Net.
I now have some more data and questions... I just tore the pan off and valve body as I plan on trying putting the tranny back to stock as far as the checkballs go and getting rid of the burnt smelling tranny fluid (I blew out the cooler lines and everything trying to get the fluid out). I did notice something strange though on the low/reverse clutches. I can get a .05" feeler gauge between the clutches. Is there supposed to be that much clearance between them? I never really noticed that in the past, but never really looked at it either. There was a lot of black "soot" in the oil which I kind of expected. I'm hoping to solve whatever problem there is before I destroy the tranny completely. I also noted that the 3-4 accumulator piston was very difficult to get out of the bore. In the past it would almost fall out by itself. I had to wiggle and pull to get it out this time. But it didn't really hang up on anything just felt like a tight fit and the rubber o-ring on the piston was not slipping easily in the bore (hard to explain). Also I found one of the valve body bolt holes is pretty much stripped. Is it easy to heli-coil these? The tranny works pretty well (even reverse is liveable) when it is cold, but reverse is pretty much totally gone when the tranny is hot.

Bruce (WE4)... Can you e-mail me privately as far as a price on a 200-4R non-L/U tranny with the bat brake installed. I would like to have the BRF model, but I don't have a BRF core only a regular 200-4R core (Art Carr version). I'm re-assessing my options at this point if what I'm doing now doesn't help. I alos want to get a feel for how much it would be to have this one rebuilt. How much would it be to have you rebuild this one and install the bat brake as well...

Thank You.
didnt mean anything by.....

I wasn't trying to be a smartass, I was simply saying if he saw smoke and fluid is burnt, there is NO repair,short of a rebuild, that will cure his problem. Whatever is hurt is hurt,forever.
Then you need to find out what burned up and work backwards to define the exact problem , or it will happen again at a big expense. Derrick, when you are ready , gimme call. Id love to chat with you.
have seen two Late late model 2004rs one tta and one caddy that someone tried to play with 2nd accumulator and they have an extra circuit there that has a ck ball and if removed will smoke Low/reverse clutch in a flat second. The two I
saw did EXACTLY what you said,including the smoke out dipstick and reverse smoked. Does it decompresss low? Well almost moot at this point , Damage is done , But bet you money it has something to do with that and only someone REALLY familiar with these would even know it was there and what it does.

And What up Gumpy? You got a problem? You could have answered his question if you thought you knew what he meant.
No need to attack me....:(

"And What up Gumpy? You got a problem? You could have answered his question if you thought you knew what he meant.
No need to attack me.... "

nope no problem...put on your glasses an see the smiley face at the end of my post!!! didnt think I was attackin you... I was wondering about a reply cause I heard of another "eating reverse" BUT worked the nuts goin forward..

i just got my trans from Bruce, so if your wondering about shipping:

I was quoted $130 to pick up at Bruce's shop and put it on the boat. took about 2 weeks.

email me if you want the details

I've gotten the problem better, but not great. I put all the checkballs of the "stock configuration" into it, and completely drained and refilled the fluid with dextron III vice that ford FA fluid. Reverse has a slight slip when it first engages, but then is pretty decent. The shift points are a bit high (about 5000 rpm under medium acceleration) but I haven't tried playing with the TV cable to fix that. And the shifts are a little soft. All things I can live with until I get the money to get a new tranny or get this one fixed. I don't know if I'll get it to the track anytime soon like this. But it will get me back and forth to work (when this damn rain stops). Figures I get it working decent, and it's been raining continuously for the past week or so here in Hawaii.

Carey, I would love to know the details... What version of the tranny did you get? Get the bat brake? How's it running? Do you go to the Hawaii section of this board? Did you have to pick it up down at the docks like I did the Art Carr I got?

the shipping co is DHX ph 1-800-488-4888. the approx size is 22"W x 22"H x 32"L. estimated weight is approx 210 lbs. you'll need Bruce's address, and you do have to pick up at their warehouse near sand island.

I gave them my employers name and they thought it was a corporate feight so i ended up paying $106

i got the killer street, no brake. I've been so busy at work i haven't even opened up the crate yet.
Well, I ordered the new tranny from Bruce this morning... I can't wait for it to get here. Damn holidays will delay that a bit though. :( But it sounds like it will be awesome, and Bruce even cut me a deal on the core charges as well since I live in Hawaii and the shipping is going to cost so much. THANK YOU Bruce. And just so you know Bruce, I will probably get your non-L/U converter as well and get rid of the FAKE Art Carr thing I have now. I don't ever want to worry about the damn tranny again.

Also, Bruce can you either e-mail me privately or post it here. You said it should handle a 9 sec car. What additional items will go into the tranny over the killer street version? I was just curious since you mentioned a slightly higher price for the tranny than the killer street which I assume is for the extra good stuff (which is fine by me). Also, if I decide to get the converter, do you have them in stock. I would like to get a 3200 rpm stall or maybe slightly higher.

I just wanted to post here to say my dealings with Bruce and PTS have been SUPERB so far. And I think I'll be extremely happy with the tranny. :D :D :D

Thank You,
Derrick O'Brien
Thank you....

Derrick, You wanted brake and all right? Tbrk, deep pan and billet input was the difference. Also, I custom build every converter that isn't a d-5, EVERYONE! But By the time the trans is done it can be too. Let me know when you have a chance. Submit tech sheet and we will go from there..:) Again...........Thank you..:)