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May 24, 2001
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I posted this as aresponse in another forum but I thought it would fit here as well. Hopefully the check clears (you'll see)

This is going to be a little long, but It is very related.

I just recieved a check in the mail today from Art Carr (Texas), The check was a refund for the converter they sent me.

Here is an overveiw of the story:

I Bought a 9in l/u about a year ago from a reputable vendor, I installed the converter in place of the orange stripe that I had. It ended up stalling way to high (4500). And the trans would not shift after the swap. I called Art Carr about a re-stall, They said send it to them and they would get it handled (they did, and insist that the frt bearing or support was bad and that the convereter need a new hub, $50 and then charged me shipping back). So out it went. In the mean time I reinstalled the 12in and still no shift. At that time I decided that when I get the converter back I would drop it and the car back with Vince Janis, and have him go through everything and reinstall the 9in.

A month passes and I finally got my converter back from A/C, dropped it all off and Vince called me to tell methat the converter was not right, hat the input was 30 spline for a 700r4 as opposed to the 27 that the 200r4.

The converter went out again, they would not agree to letting them pass in the air unless I purchased a second converter. Then they would credit me for the first. I never asked them to pay for any of the repairs or the r and i.

Another month passes and the new converter shows up again, (Mind you the car is at Vinces this whole time). Vince installs it for me and tells me that the trans is not locking the converter, that he didn't think that it was a lock-up convereter. I asked him if he could eliminate every other sourece of suh a problem, and pin it down to the convereter before pulling it out again.

He did so out came the converter and low and behold there is no clutch in it. Back to Texas it goes. A week or so later they agreed that there was no clutch in it and that they had made a mistake.

I had asked for a refund of the dealer cost of the converter and that I was going with something else, they agreed that the screwed up and that they would refund me the agreed amount.

Now that agreed amount does not count my shipping it back to them 3 times or the amount that I need to pay Vince for the 3 r&i, or the difference that a dealer of their product makes on thier converter.

so this is the expense report:
1) the amount of shipping from PA to TX 3 times and once from TX to PA, $25.00 ea, $100 total
2) The front hub repair, $50
3) Vince needs a few bucks, r&i twice and cleaning up the debris in the vavebody,a few storage, probably $350.
4) the amount I lost from retail to whole sale. $100.

Piece of mind, Priceless(had to say it)

For a grand total of $600, and I still have no converter, How am I doing?

I have decided to go to a Yank and give them a shot, the gimmik is cool. Hopefully they work as well as they claim. that puppy is $849.

Make absolute sure that you are dealing with the ol'man before you pull the trigger.

And I would like to thank Vince for being so patient in this 4-5 month fiasco.