the thief is back on ebay


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Jul 13, 2005
now he is selling the gnx that just sold on ebay :rolleyes: now you can own it for $8500 :eek:item#4607626300..we need to find this guy and hang him...
tommynos said:
how the heck do you do that(post the link)?my friend has tried telling me and i cant seem to do it..i have a funny email i sent to this guy on a grizzly he was selling...

just put your mouse pointer over the address bar right click ,then select copy, then paste it where ever you want
Same deal with Mustangs. They post a buy it now of $8500 for a convertable GT500KR which is worth what $200K or more?
ebay fraud

The guy relisted the same $8500 GNX again a couple days later but this time the buy it now was $5600 :eek: with the same pictures again from the original listing for GNX 137 from a few weeks back. The tricks these a** holes use to sucker you in is they make you send them an email before you bid (once you have contacted them they have your email) and then end the auction early fallowed by an email asking you for your ebay ID to complete the transaction because they decided to sell you the car ;). They dont need your ID unless their trying to steal your identity and before you know it their listing their crap using your ebay name :mad:
So if you guys suspect something is a fraud do like I did and report it to ebays fraud department and they will look into it. This is probably why you might not have seen the GNX listing again because it dissapeared about 6 hours after I reported it.
They do this with bikes as well.. I've actualy emailed the guy a few times talking smack to him.. he finally replied with "silly ignorent americans.. im not the only one doing this"

So I figure he's not from the states from that comment.. besides his english blows. I found out thru bitching at email countless amounts of times that people's accounts are being used for these fraud auctions without the people knowing it somehow.. ebay doesn't even know wtf is going on and how it's being done so it's not gonna stop any time soon.. besides that I also found out that ebay doesn't give two ****s about it.. basically they say don't use cashier's checks or deal outside of ebay.. and when you follower there rules and still get shafted then they say well we don't sell the item, we just allow the auctions so we can't refund or help with the refund of your funds. ebay blows imo
after having a close mishap with an IPOD, I took matters into my own hands. This deusch tried making me send a money order or western union to a bank in china, for a german auction!!! So...I wrote a nice email to the Bank commission of China, with all the information the guy gave me, including the address, the account number, and the name on the account, and all bank info this idiot sent me to send payment to, I just copied and sent to this website that i got after a couple phone calls....I got an email back from the "official Bank of China" stating that my email has been recieved, and that all the account information i had sent was processed and holds on multiple accounts have been placed for further investigation...

I felt better after that email.

Like everyone here is saying, gotta be your own investigator. you have to be a very wise shopper these are a couple tips I have picked up over the years on ebay, and surviving two scams in my days:

1 never, ever send cash
2 never send western union
3 never send money orders over 200 without certified mail, signature confirmation, and tracking readily available.
4 Never pay for a major item (rear's body panels, engines, CARS, or anything like that) without seeing in person, or having someone you trust see it....
5 Never send payment to a person not listed as the seller. contact ebay if the addresses are different, or the names are different adn hold payment until things are figured out
6 if you are a seller, make your pictures unique, so that no-one can reuse them. Phillyturbosix is pretty good at that!
7 dont take second offers...ever...if you loose, you loose...dont take some lame offer or "second cahnce for your last bid!! crap offer. try a different seller if they couldnt sell to the winning bidder!

Anybody else, please feel free to post more tips!!!

John :biggrin:
GNX was back up again!!! Same car, same price $6000. This guy must have several GNX's :rolleyes: A couple other Turbo cars on e-bay look real fishy also. Be careful guys. The frauds are onto these cars now.