The Turbo T that no one wanted

Not that I have any dog in this hunt, but that engine has been at the machine shop for just HOW long now?

I know it's cold where you live, but does the machinist work outside, too, or what? :( My last comment about it was 2 months ago, today........

Good work is hard to come by, I know, but......... maybe your machine shop needs a lil' nudge, or better yet, a real solid kick, square in the balls.

Your not saying anything won't get it done "better" , it will just let them think they can continue to take advantage of your good nature.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.......

The guy who is a constant pain-in the-ass, but paid good money, gets it done right, no one want's him to come back with complaints they have to fix for free. And they will all piss and moan about you and your next project.

However, they'll happily take your money, one more time. And again, time, after time, after time.

Ask me how I know.... :D

Don't be shy. Demand the work be done, and be done right, in a reasonable amount of time.

Ask them for a firm completion date you can both agree upon. Hold them to that date or demand they discount the work for failure to launch.

Hold them to the same standards you have to meet working your job. That isn't asking too much.
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Nop, no updates. Too damn cold here to do anything. Trans is done waiting on machine shop to do their thing so we can start moving ahead on my motor.

I use my iPhone 7 for everything.

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May 30, 2010
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Car looks great by the way! Keep up the good work!!!
Progress update.

Moving slowly, but surely.

Decided to dig myself a little deeper. Since I'm changing the rear end (sold my 8.5" and got a 9" from Quicktime performance), front end can use an overhaul and everything else is off right now, I decided to do some work on the frame. But since my space is limited, I acquired another frame that I will box, brace and probably notch (why not!) and after outfitting it with brand new rear, suspension, brake and fuel line, I will transfer the body over.

In a meantime I'm collecting parts:
Got a new 9" rear
Front Willwood brakes, 11" rotors, compatible with my 15" wheels
Bilstein shocks
Steering box and steering pump were sent to Lee Performance for rebuilt
Started getting some pre-fab braces for the frame, so far got some stuff from Trick Chasis
Trying to decide on front control arms
Picked up my fresh trans and converter from Dave Husek

my donor fame

Any updates?

Just got a call that my motor is ready.

Will drop off my "spare" frame after the summer madness to get sandblasted, painted, braced, boxed and all new rear and steering components installed. Once it's done, I'll switch the body over.

Hopefully next spring I'll have Jim Dunn put the car together and get it running. Finances are slowing the process down ;-(
Damn, that took WAY TOO long. It better be "The Best".

You're giving these same guys a frame?

Jus' sayin'.
Motor was held up in the machine shop, those guys work on their own schedule. No, motor is being built by Dave Husek. He was done with it in a little over a month after he got it back from machine shop, and that's with some minor hold ups we had like a damaged oil pan. Trans was done fast too. No complaints.

The frame will be put together by Long Island Muscle Car Garage.

And Jim Dunn will handle the final touches, harness and getting it running right.
Well, it's been awhile. Hopefully the wait is over and this project is moving along.

The motor been ready and is currently in Jim Dunn's hands where he is doing his magic dressing it up.

Frame is ready to go to sandblasting and then off it goes for some boxing, bracing and all new lines and suspension.

Hey Steve. Looks great. Nice work. Let me ask. How are you getting the car up so high on those stands you made. Vinny
wow I just found this thread , holy overhauling
love the wire wheel caps I remember my dad making me clean his on I think a riviera haha,
enjoyed all the pics
by the way that radio you pulled out of there is worth some cash they don't make em that perfect size anymore 1.5 inch din to replace factory size direct fit
Hey Steve. Looks great. Nice work. Let me ask. How are you getting the car up so high on those stands you made. Vinny

I have a bumper jack, but even with that I had to put some wood blocks to raise it higher. Not doing that again!