The Turbo T that no one wanted

Making some good progress on the frame, as a matter of fact it is pretty much done as of today.

While the frame is being done, I got few other things "upgraded":

pretty much traded my RJC 315 for a brand new "old school" Precision FMIC. Yes, I know, some people will be pro, and some against.

Had my steering wheel re-done

Stand by for more upgrades...

My buddy Randy over at Long Island Muscle Car Garage does not waste any time (
Small upgrade to my garage
Love the new box. With a few hook magnets and some socket organizers I was able to make good use of my similar Cornwell roller.

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Thought it was funny since - toolbox sharing....
BTW, mine are no where near as neat. Not sure how that is even possible Turbo T Guy!!
wow! i wish i just could like the entire thread. great work, especially with that body stuff, makes me wonder what my GN looks like.. i dont even want to find out.

i was in once i seen the yankee candle air freshener.
Just curious, I may have missed it, where did you get the steering wheel redone?


Beautiful job BTW!