Thermostat housing tip

That GN Guy

Jun 26, 2006
Trying to fix my no heat situation after putting a new core in, I decided to do the thermostat. I would swear it was the original by looking at it but it was marked 160.

I read a bunch of tips here and unfortunately none of them worked. It wiggled a little bit never budged.

What finally worked for me was using a modified lock plate compressor and a big wrench to turn the wing nut. I put a broken screwdriver shaft through the housing after drilling through it, the lock plate compressor shaft already had a hole in it to hold the end fitting. This car sat for 16 years and it's running and driving great now. Just wanted to share my thermostat housing adventure Incase anyone else does the search. It was an all night job 😆

The silicon glue to the gasket I don't think was mentioned, but you can see it in the scene of putting back the housing.