Think i lost my torque converter


Jan 7, 2012
I think i lost my torque converter. Im not sure yet but i had a friend tell me that what it acting like and i man need to replace the converter and the stator for the pump. Im ok with the converter but how hard if it to replace the stator. Also need a little advice on a good converter to buy i hav a 3200 9 1/2 nl the brand slips my mind right now. I have a t62 turbo is a 3200 stall about rigjt for this size turbo. Just in case you wondering i bought the car with this set up. Thank for any advice
Give me a call, I can help you with a converter plus all the parts needed to change out the stator support if needed. You may have the correct one already. Replacement is not very difficult.
His number is right there in his post.

Call him anytime he will answer your call.