thinking of getting a tta ?

phil conrad

May 25, 2001
I am in the early stages of thinking about my next car. I have a couple of questions. I have noticed that most of the tta's have t tops. I had a set on a grand national once that leaked a lot. Is this a problem with these cars ? If so is there a way to fix it ?
I would be using this car to go to work every day. I drive about 60 miles round trip. Does this seem reasonable ? Once I start looking is there anything I should be looking for ?

My T-tops dont leak.But I guess its how you maintain the rubber on the car.

These are great cars but I wouldnt recommend as a daily driver.Not that theyre unreliable,but the truth of the matter is that a lot of parts are no longer available for these cars at this time.Examples are drivers side engine mount,power steering lines,serpentine belt,hoses,etc.

So to put a lot of miles on a car that you cant go to the autoparts store and buy xyz..I hope you see my point.

I love my car,but I wouldnt drive it everyday.And everything I get for my car seems to come in the mail.Cept for plugs and oil.If you go to a dealer...they wont have anything on theyre shelf.It has to be ordered and most computer databases dont recognize the TTA Turbo.

My .02


These are great cars. I have just bought one myself 2 months ago. Can't go wrong with this one.

Razor is right, parts are hard to find. I have found out that most databases refer to these cars as a 1989 GTA Trans AM SE. Some of the motor parts from a GN will fit just fine.

My T-Tops have the original rubber and don't leak. It is just a matter of good up keep.
I love my TTA and Iam very glad I bought it. 60 miles round trip to work is a bit much for every day if you ask me. I would recommend buying a beater escort like I got and save driving the TA to work on the nice/ feel like showing off days.

Good luck and HTH: Jason
btw I drive 90 miles round trip to work and back