This is a N/A ques. for the 3.8


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
how much more power would i come up w/ if i put headers out to dual glasspacks infront a the rear wheels.. edelbrock performer cam and intake. new lifters, rods, and roller rockers? maybe different heads. i figure i can keep the 2bbl and keep the lil bit of good gas milage i have.
You should pick up about 65hp but it depends on the cam lift,air flow etc. I would go with a 4bbl carb. You only lose gas millage with it when you open up the secoundaries. :D
I would also say go with a four barrol. More specifically a Q-jet from an '84 Regal 252 so you still have the computer hookups. Fuel economy will be the same except when you floor it. A two barrol will starve for air and gas when you get to about 3,500 and higher. A bigger cam demands more gas. You will pick up good power. I would skip the glasspacks. I've found that straight pipe does the same as glasspacks, but cheaper, better sounding, and better flowing.