this is not right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My God! What an idiot move! Absolutley the WRONG thing to do! How much more STUPID are people going to be? I just can't believe it, idiots! Maybe they should also publish where the car keys are kept to the Grand Nationals and how much cash is on hand in the house.............I mean, if you're going to be stupid, why not! My God! What a world.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Thats all they did was show the thieves what houses are unarmed. That was some good thinking.
In GA, the permits make NO mention of what kind, how many, the permit holder has.........:D
Also, here we don't have to have a permit to own a gun, only to conceal carry. The commie bastards in NY, think they can control the gun population thru licensing, permitting. If they knew how many 1000's of guns are
1. Purchased on the street.
2. Stolen and not reported.
3. Bought out of state.

they'd have a coronary [Hopefully]