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Today I was told I am the only regal owner with a throttle body that has a throttle cable stud head that is larger than the cruise cable and tranny detent stud heads.

I am wondering if anyone else can chime in on this. Do all the stock throttle bodys require a larger inner diameter whole cir clip to retain the throttle cable on the the throttle body. Or can you use the same three clips for the throttle cable, cruise control and tranny detent.

I purposefuly purchased what were described as retainer clips for these three different posts and they are all the same size. The vendor told me the heads were all the same size as i held it in my hand and tried to use the clips they sold me. To say the least none of them worked.
TV just clips on .. the other 2... the cables are different (idiot proof) .. I have used the same clips on both ..never had a problem :p
Clearly different sizes.

Slightly annoyed. whatever happened to the customer is always right, lol!!!


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