THS role call for 2018 Nationals- Who's coming

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Mar 31, 2015
Hello THS racers- Its almost that time again to get ready for the 2018 Nationals. I would like to get a head count on who is coming or planning on attending our annual meeting of fun, relaxation and love of the hobby we all enjoy.

I'm currently working with potential Sponsors to aquire payout/prizes and gift for the THS racers that qualify and participate in the event.

Attched is a list of last years THS Sponsor and payout for the 2017 Nationals- which hopefully we will match or exceed last years awards.

So get those Buick GN's tuned up because time is closing in on us.

2017 THS Sponsors/Payout

Hartline Performance- ( $200.00.00 winner / $100.00 runner-up ) Gift certificate
Cruz Performance- ( #10 Ionidized Fuel Rails ) $250.00 in value
RJC Performance- ( $100.00 winner ) Gift certificate
GN1 Performance- ( set of GN1 valve covers and Billet pulley set) $335.00/ $305
Full Throttlespeep- ( $100.00 winner/ $50.00 runner up ) Gift certificate
Lorenz Racing- ( $200.00 cash payout)
TA Performance- ( Front timing cover ) $460.00 in value
Casper Electronics- ( $400.00 Gift certificate for products)
Alky Control- ( $100.00 winner ) Gift certificate
HR partsnstuff- ( $150 winner/ $50.00 runner up ) Gift certificate
Spoolfool- ( $300.00 cash payout )
Dave Husek Turbo Buick Performance
- ( $100.00 winner/ $50.00 R/U cash payout ) Nationals- ( $500.00 winner/ $100.00 runner-up )

Total Cash Payout Gift Certificate

Winner $900.00 Winner $650.00
Runner- up $250.00 Runner- up $200.00

Raffle Drawing for THS Qualifiers

1) T/A Performance Front Cover- $460.00 in value
2) GN1 Custom Valve Cover’s- $335.00 in value
3) GN1 Custom Billet Pulley set- $305.00 in value
4) Cruz Performance Custom #10 Ionidized Fuel Rails- $250.00 in value
5) Casper Gift Certificates ( Three $100.00/ Two $50.00) $400.00 in value
6) Spoolfool ( Custom Rear Panel guards/ New radiator hold down) $150 value

Haulz A
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Thank you Darrow for promoting the class. Thanks to all the vendors and participants that continue the passion for these cars.

I will be there.