tight front drive-axles


Nov 15, 2008
question on the front axles, are they suppose to be tight, well i installed the drivers side one, and had trouble putting the spindle on the upper control arm was hard as heck, to put on, and when i put everything together, the wheel would not turn, i had it in neutral, and both wheels up in the air, well i drove it and it started making a cluncking noise, so went back to the shop, and installed the other driveshaft, and went on a little better, but again the wheel was hard to turn in neutral, but it did turn, so i drove it and slight cluncking, thats was'nt really noticeable, but thats when the whinning started, when i accelerate on the road it get pretty loud, but when i decelerate, it gets quit, sounds like a hub bearing, one question i got, are both front axle shafts the same size, got them from advance, if that helps. should i replace both front hub bearings.
What happenned to your original front axle. It almost sounds like you have front differential or transfer case viscous coupler problems. A locked Viscous coupler will lead to ruined front differential and front axle shafts. Here is a good post on how to test them.

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