Tilt steering work


Oct 27, 2005

I have some questions related to the tilt steering work for 87GN:

1. How to remove the tilt stalk/arm? I tried to turn the stalk counter clockwise to take it apart, but no avail. Maybe I didn´t use the force enough, because of the possible break of the stalk. Anyway there is the threads for it. So, how to proceed???

2. What is the torx size to tighten the tilt? I know, that the 1/4 inch socket will work, but I will ask the torx size.

3. How to install that black plastic piece back, which will fall on the floor, when pulling out the the upper column etc. in dismantling work? It is related to the dimmer switch function anyway.


The tilt stalk usually threads out some I have seen will have wrench flats.
Lookup a tutorial made by Jazzman on the GM tilt steering column rebuild. It was amazing with helping me get mine broken down and reassembled correctly (I even made plenty of mistakes WITH the help of the tutorial) - just take it nice and slow, and follow the tutorial.

To answer your questions before you go grab a PDF of Jazzman's tutorial:

1. Yes, the tilt stalk is threaded into a piece inside the column. Mine took a little bit of force initially (think, it may not have been removed or messed with for 20+ years).

2. According to the tutorial, the 4 tilt screws are E8 Torx - I went out and got a set of E torx sockets, but the tutorial says you can use a 1/4" like you already mentioned.

3. When putting everything back together, I used a glob of grease (you should be greasing everything that "moves" as you go back together) to hold that in place and lubricate it.

Seriously, go get that tutorial by Jazzman - a quick google search will get you to it if it isn't directly on this site. Read through it a few times before you work on the column (unless you've already started) and then go with it as you disassemble and reassemble. Was invaluable for me.
Hi and thanks for the good information! Yes, the grease is an good stuff to keep the things in place.

But, I don´t know yet where I put that plastic piece with grease when rebuilding the tilt. Hope I find this thing in the address you told.
It'll be in there... It will all make sense as you start putting it all back together (and he does a great job showing you how and why it goes the way it goes). I'll admit I had a little bit of trouble with it putting mine back together, even with the grease holding it - but it was mostly because i missed a step way before that and had things put together wrong - was just trying to go too fast, for no reason.

Thanks a lot for all! Yes, that little "trouble piece" location was presented in the PDF- file. Now it is in it´s place and the dimmer function is ok. What a job to install that piece!! Maybe also I made the mistake to read the instructions with patience. But the dimmer system is functioning anyway.

So to morrow I will go further to put other remaining things in their place.