time for a chip!


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i have an upgraded fuel system(walbro 340, billet adjustable reg. and hot wire kit)so i think it's time for a chip. everything else is stock. would a street turbo tweak chip be what i need or a red armstrong 93 octane?
I think the two best out there right now are the Turbo Tweak and the Extender series chips. I like the Turbo Tweaks ALLOT. I've also heard very good things about the Extenders. If you search there should be good results outlining the details of both. HTH. james
Max Effort!!!!!!!!!!

Before you make a decision on a chip, look into max effort chips. Steve Yacklin designs them and i have had huge success with mine. Not to mention he is a great guy and will personalize the experience. I have had a Max Effort chip since I changed it, and it is amazing. I can give you his contact infor if you were interested.