Time for a new B-B-Q...

going to be doing an 80E conversion.
i want to keep the shifter on the column.
anyone know what is needed to complete that task?

i have pretty much everything else ready to go.
Disclaimer, I haven't done it. But if the correct bracket on the shift shaft for the column shift I would think you should be able to bolt it up. I would go to the wrecking yard and look for a van or 2500/3500 truck with 4l80e in it to get that bracket if the trans doesn't have one. The rods and such that go into the frame I would think should work. Might need some massaging or maybe the truck you get the bracket from would have the rod and bushing and such.
I just had a 3” part welded on to the bottom of the shift rod at the bottom, added a small triangle brace on the thin metal shift spring mount to decrease flex. Seems to work decent so far...