time out error and echo mismatch on dfi


Technical advisor
Aug 2, 2001
i was trying to load a new program into my dfi,it was fine for about 30 minutes now it keeps saying echo mismatch and time out error....whats going on? all the cables are fine the port is correct..... has someone experienced this? i hope there is an easy cure.. thanks for the help

I have the same problem sometimes, it seems to be in the sequence I use. What I have done in the past is logoff and restart the computer and everything is fine or turn the key off and restart calmap from beginning and turn key on (or start) and then it is okay. Not sure why or how it does it but it usually works.

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I can run Calmap through windows 3.1. I think you have problems going up from there like 95 and so on. You can only run it through DOS, not a shell version. If you have windows 95, restart in DOS and it should work.