Time to change the fluid


Aug 22, 2001
I am about to do a trans fluid change but had a couple of questions before doing so what type of fluid to use? how many quarts should go back in ? is overfilling bad or good i've heard both answers on that one and any quick upgrades in filters or anything else I should do while i'm in there? thank you for all and any responses
I use Dextron III for fluid, I add 4 quarts after draining, start it up, make sure it registers on the stick, let it get hot and fill to the top full line. It sounds like you can swap in a 700 R4 filter so suction is from the bottom V top.

Make sure the original O-ring from the old filter comes out with the old filter. If not you need to remove it prior to installing the new filter. Make sure there are no cracks in the body or tube of the new filter also. Just in case you get that 1 in a 1000 bad one.
I don`t think the 700 filter will work with a stock pan, so use the stock filter & make sure the clip on the VB is on top of the filter pushing it down.