Time to sell the other 89 TTA!!!PICS!!!


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
Just sold my Built 89 TTA to a board member here and now I am selling my other 89 TTA that has 81K original miles. T-Top/leather car.#1022

50# inj
Terry Houston Down pipe
100# valve springs
Double roller timing chain
3'' Stainless MAF pipe (polished)
Razor's alky (PAC)
Billit AFPR
Billit breathers
160* thermostat
10mm Taylor race wires
Bilstien shocks all around
New brakes
Global West sub frames
FireHawk Firestones 90% all around
Turbotweak chip
New original rebuilt tranny (Victory Transmission in Ocala FL)
3200 Billit 9/11 stall converter
Scan master 2.1
Autometer Boost gage
Billit vacuum block
John Craig TE-61 turbo (polished)
HD actuator
Extra GM maf
Extra coil pack
Misc. turbo TA parts(fog lights,T-Top shades,extra fuel rail...ect...)
Extra GN intercooler
Rear seats in good cond.
Fronts need attn.
Needs paint to show, but still presentable for around town..Bad spots are in front nose, top(behind TTop) and rear wing.
Extra set of TTA rims(rear) with good M&H rascemaster cheater slicks....
Car also has Alarm with shock and proxsimity sensors for extra protection.
I am probably forgetting some other goddies tho.
I can get any pic you like Just lemme know.

Car runs 11.40's-11.50's @ 118-119 untuned right now.

$10,200 ...I am very busy now , so slow response of PM's Thanks! 309-558-9405





Thanks again for looking!
Is this car still available?
Do you have any picts of the interior.

Do you think there would be any problem driving the car back to north Alabama.

I am interest!!! I will call you on Sunday.


I will try to get more ,but I am going to be working 68hrs a week until further notice, so bear with me.

West side of IL. Moline.
Sale pending means both the seller and purchaser made an agreement to exchange goods for currency on a later date. This date being Sunday.