89 TTA N East PA $16,000 OBO tons of extra parts


May 24, 2001
gonna end up divorced so need to sell

89 TTA T-tops,leather 75,000mi,has alarm and line lock

engine and trans that are in the car have less than 500miles--now has rod knock car has been sitting in my garage for 5 yrs now

ported polished heads with oversized valves,ARP fastners,J&E pistons,,steel caps,I forget what camshaft is in it right now--will ad info later

ported intake

CK stage 2 trans with 3600 stall converter (lockup) total for these 2 was close to $3,000

dutt neck 87 GN intercooler, aluminum scoop

60lb injectors with street and track computer chips,LT1 maf and maf-t ,has aftermarket intake tube and a K&N filter

PT54 turbo

TA 62 turbo that smokes--needs rebuild or just seals shaft moves back on forth but no side wobble --fins don't scrape the housing

1 87 Buick GN engine with 90,000mi

1 TTA transmission I was told it has a mild shift kit and slips in 2nd gear

1 84 Buick GN trans unknown miles but I know the dipstick was out of it and rainwater got inside--valve body might be junk

1 trans from a V-8 car--was in my old 87GN but I wasn't aware of it being from a v-8 car until after the rebuild --it was completely rebuilt with some hard parts but never shifted right--no slipping --easiest thing to do might be to take the valvebody off the TTA trans and put on this 1

car has spohn crossmember/adjustable torque arm

2 extra front wheels and 1 extra rear wheel

not sure what the fule pump is but its not stock--also has hotwire kit, adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Terry houston downpipe with cutout and a brand new never used CAT

who has money--does jay Leno read this--ha ha ha I should try to contact his people and see if he would buy everything--yes I'm at work and very tired so I'm dreaming

car is in Danville PA no you can't hear it run--trust me its got rod knock and the gas in it is 5 yrs old

$16,000 or best offer credit union has the title i owe like 8 grand on it due to taking out a $20,000 loan--fixed up the house and paid off bills a while ago--yes the credit union let me borrow the full KBB amount 4 yrs ago so give it a try with your credit union or bank

can email pics or I have some on facebook if you want to look there--Joe Barrett turbo38@mail.com
re:car for sale

Price seems a little high for todays market considering the condition. Would you take $4000.00 for just the car as is with no extra parts?
auction bidding

Ill up that offer by 1k, so my offer is $5,000. In this changing crappy economy Im putting neck on the line here.
re: price vs condition

Car is only worth what someone is willing to pay.
Considering you can get a good running one for a lot less $16,000.00
Without actually seeing the condition and not knowing what other issues might be present. My offer $$$$ was for a parts car in need of major engine repair and/or a complete restoration.......Just my 2 cents.....Dave