Timing Chain Damper


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Here are a couple of pictures of the timing chain damper on a motor I built back in 1992. I put the damper on the roller chain before I found out it was conventional wisdom to not use the damper as it will damage the chain. This issue has been on my mind ever since. I was waiting for the chain to break any day.This motor has about 55K miles on it and about 30 passes at the track. The car has mostly been a driver in the summer months. The damper almost looks like the day I put it in. It has very little wear on it. So my question is...is the damper really disintegrating, breaking the chain or is the chain breaking for some other reason and taking out the damper when it does break? From what I see in this motor the damper had no detrimental effect on the chain.

Supposedly the chain chews the plastic off the damper and then
the damper material eventually plugs up the oil pickup screen....
But from your findings that does not seem be the case, very interesting.

Not sure where the part about breaking the chain comes into play.

What brand chain did you use and how much slack does it have?