Timing chain first timer


Jul 5, 2004
Just got done reading about 100 posts on rear main and timing chain replacement procedures and am about to dive in. I was thinking of replacing the water pump while there also. Cottons sells the delco replacement is this a good choice? Cooling system is up to par currently but you know while I have it apart. Some of the threads suggested checking out the front cover condition and doing a mod to improve oiling. The cover will not need to be completely disassembled to remove correct?? My car has 89,xxx miles and good oil PSI. 20-25psi hot 10-40 royal purple. Motor is stock never opened, this does not seem like a good idea to me what do you guys think? I have never messed with the front cover on one of these before and am a little intimidated by the whole thing. I have owned this car 15 years and would like to think I know a good bit about them but I also understand they are tricky to work on sometimes and when messing with the oil pump don't want to do something stupid. :eek: TIA- Patrick
timing cover

Just finished the timing chain and timing cover days ago. It was not really that bad and this was my first time. I put a factory timing chain back on and a new GM front cover. You just have to make sure you have it on TDC on the compresssion stroke. It took me a total of 5 days to complete the project. If I did not have to work I could have done it in a couple of days. It is said you can finish the whole project in 4 hours. Make sure you upgrade your cam button. Good luck.
By the way Earl Brown puts a front cover with mods, blueprinted. I bought one from him and it works perfect. He used only GM original covers. Go it Turbobuicks. com and look for his ad on parts for sale. Around $400.get you one.