timing chain


I have a 87 t-type and I want to change the timing chain. I would like to keep it stock, I am looking at a timing chain on ta performance with stock application (just a regular chain and gears) Or should I go with a double roller chain and gear set up. Is there any changes I have to make if I go with a double roller (rollmaster from full throttle)
This topic always gets me confused as well so i am still running with the factory one, never changed it and it has 136,000 miles on it. I want to change it and the whole front cover before the run from Fort Worth Tx to Bowling green KY and the buick nationals.
I used a comp #3129. If you go with a double roller you can get rid of the tensioner it is not used with them.
I went with Advance Auto Parts. Get one with steel (not plastic) gears.

I highly recommend you change it out as soon as you can. The stock plastic gear has a habbit of shedding teeth & causing major damage. :eek: The plastic is now at least 22 years old & brittle.
Single row steel gears, new tensioner, updated cam button, cam sensor setting tool or meter, pull the pan to make sure the front gasket seals right, and prime it with a drill after the install.

Search feature has tons of good threads on how to do it right. :cool:
Altho, the GM stock plastic gears are usually good for an easy 100K & are a bit quieter. Expensive but you can get them from Mike at Special Additions.com

PS: I would base my decision on what motor I'm building. Stock for the street & some fun now & then & GM stock stuff.
10 sec ride then a double roller. Just remember they do stretch over time.
I run a Roll Master. I was told it is the best when building my engine but I guess that comes down to who you talk to.