Timing cover / oil pump housing


Anybody ever see this before?

Looks like it may be time for a new cover.


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Front cover was ordered this morning...also had the typical nylon cam button wear. This engine fractured the ring land between the top and second ring, plus shattered the top ring. It's been over a year and a half since the car has moved, time to get it going.
How did it do this.. someone must of detonated it to the moon..

Your oil cooler will be full of junk.. careful.
Here is what I recall...1/2 tank of 93, 1/2 tank of Sunoco 110, 20lbs boost, minimal KR on the SM, I don't recall if I had the DS hooked up at the time. The the intercooler hose from the up pipe to the throttle body blew off. After re-installing the hose and tightening it down, the engine would blow smoke from the driver side breather under boost. Obvious detonation, all I can do is try to prevent it next time.

As for the oil cooler, I had been contemplating replacing but have not got around to that yet. Now that this thing is coming back together, can you point me in the right direction for a replacement? If I recall there is no good way to clean it...correct?