Timing question on non-GM vehicle


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OK, here's a variation of the old "how do I establish base timing and proper crank reference angle" question.

I have the SP installed on my turbocharged 4 cylinder Toyota, and it seems to be running pretty well -- certainly well enough for me to drive it to the dyno tuner for some fuel table help later this week. Although I am still having a little trouble with the cold start table, once I get it started it idles fine and seems to run smoothly. I have yet to tune it for power.

I am using the stock Toyota inductive ignition with a simple MSD 6A, and as I said, it's all happy and working. I currently have the crank reference angle set to 60*. I did this by letting it idle at about 1k rpm, noting the appropriate value in the Spark (*BTDC) dashboard sensor, which was 17*, and then plugging that number in to my timing light. I adjusted the distributor so that the timing was close (I didn't want to peg the distributor at the end of its range of adjustment) and then changed the crank reference angle until the timing was spot-on TDC. (And yes, I have all of the timing trim pulled out of the timing trim table, and the knock sensor disconnected).

Is this correct? If not, how should I adjust the timing?


C'mon, now, someone has to know if this is the right way to set base timing and CRA...