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May 23, 2001
I'm currently running my Lubrant race chip with 26* timing. I have a Joe Tripodi dual stage alky kit. I run 22-23 psi w/ little to no knock on the shifts. Should I stick with this, or step down to 24* and up the boost a little? I'm thinking about having Testa burn me a new chip. I only ran the car on alky once. I ran 11.80@116 with Cam2 115, then ran a 12.0@113 with the alky and less boost. Problem with the alky run was that I didn't lock the converter. I think the times would have been identical if I would've. The car was running at least 1 less pound of boost, also. This setup seems to work well, but I'm wondering if it could be better with less timing and more boost. I suppose I should just get the chip and try, but I'd rather save the money if I can!!! ;)
Well, I don't know what turbo you have, but the general consensus seems to be that stock turbos run out of steam at about 21-22 psi and then you can get more power with a little more timing. Whereas with bigger turbos (more efficient) you can lower the timing and run more boost and you'll make more power that way.
Thanks for the reply, Jay. I'm currently running a PTE-44 w/ .63 exhaust housing. The 22-23psi I'm running pulls really hard, especially with 26* timing. I'm just wondering if there's any advantage to 24-25psi with 24* timing??? Just seems like a trade off, but I know the 44 isn't out of steam, by far.
Choices, choices!!! ;)
>I'm just wondering if there's any advantage to 24-25psi with 24* timing???

Well IFF the 26 deg was the best timing at the current 22-23 psi boost level and IFF 24 deg is the best timing with 24-25 psi then yes, there should be a gain at 25 psi IMO.

Keep in mind that the nitrous timing retard rule of thumb is 2 deg retard per 50 hp. Comparing that to your situation as a very general guide, I doubt that raising boost 2 psi will get you 50 hp in this case, so taking out 2 deg for 2 psi boost may be a bit aggressive IMO.

Very good points, TR. Perhaps I'll just order the chip and see what happens. I suppose you can never have too many chips!!