Jul 7, 2001
How or where do I set the base timing with the speed-pro system? I couldn't get the car to quit pinging after checking everything finally as a last result I changed the car from a crank reference angle a 8 degrees to 15. This took away the pinging but I dont know if this is correct. I dont want to sound dumb, The problem is I bought the car with the system installed (ANS) and don't know if the previous owner had moved it or if it was never right. On my 90 chevy I have an Edelbrock Pro-Flo systems and it is simple put ecm in base mode timing set and make sure the balancer reads 10 degrees. Speed-Pro unsure? Where is the best place to get a installation manual for the Speed-Pro system? Any help would be great Thanks
I'm not sure what the application is. Your signature lists several vehicles.

Put a timing light on the car, bring the motor up to at least 2000 rpm and change the crank referance angle until the timing light matches the timing value on the timing map.
Thanks, I'll give this a try at 2000 rpms. The application is on the 89 TTA the Monte has a carb and the 90 use an edelbrock pro-flo.
I just wanted to check to make sure my timing isn't way off. Right now total timing at full boost is 19 degrees with a crank reference of 15 degrees.
Something isn't right. Either your interuptor ring has moved or you have a mechanical problem (fuel, knock sensor, wiped cam?) that is causing you to get knock. If the interuptor ring hasn't moved then you really are only running 14 degrees total timing (4 over the crank referance angle), and getting knock. Please post what results you find.
Cal did you recieve my E-mail? It would have said from Ally Welch that is my wife. Let me know, Jason.
If this is in the TTA, my suggestion would be to disconnect the bypass wire from the ignition module and make sure that you are seeing 10 degrees of timing on the balancer. Once you know this is at 10 degrees, reconnect the bypass wire. Set the crank reference angle in C-Com to the value you just observed with a timing light. At this point, the timing value shown in a sensor called "Spark (BTDC)" on the spark table screen should match the value now shown on the timing light. There is no "good" reason you should have to set your crank reference angle to anything more than a degree or two off of 10 degrees.

Even if your knock sensor is activating and causing the ECU to pull timing out, the amount of timing being removed will be reflected in the value in the "Spark (BTDC)" sensor. Bottom line is that the value in this sensor must match the value on a timing light, and on a Buick V6, this value should be 10 degrees with VERY little variance.

Craig what wire am I looking for? I am still new to these cars and unsure of were the ignition module is. I know in chevy's it is in the distributor. Is it located within the cam sensor or part of the coil pack. Let me know. Where can I get more info on the Speed-Pro installation and what each wire does. I don't like to be ignorant of these things as I always modify or upgrade everything myself. I bought this car already bulit so there are things done to it that I don't know how they were done. I don't like that! Oh well eventually I will figure all this out I just haven't had time. I am anxious to go to the fast fest next week. Jason