Tin Man Cold Air Kit install question?


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May 24, 2001
Just purchase the tin man air kit from gbody and bought a maf pipe but the way the cold air kit fits it would appear that the maf pipe should be straight with a 45 bend at the turbo but the maf pipe I got has two bends like the maf should be in the stock location.

With the tin man kit should the maf end up in the stock location?

I have a Tin-Man kit, hopefully the pictures below will help you see how things line up. The MAF ends-up at an angle above the original stock location.

Notice from the turbo inlet, I have a short length of 3" house, the pipe with two bends, then a long piece of 3" hose, then an LT1 MAF, then the 3"-to-4" hose that adapts to the Tin-Man kit. If you have a stock MAF, substitute it and a short piece of 3" hose in the location where I have the LT1 MAF and long piece of 3" hose. It definitely takes some fiddling to get everything lined-up correctly. I recommend you leave all of the hose clamps lose until you get everything where you want it. It does fit and look good once everything is in place.

Sorry these aren't the best pics, but they are what I have handy. Hopefully they will make it clear.

IMAG0274.jpg IMAG0275.jpg IMAG0276.jpg

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Somehow managed to triple-post. Sorry. My laptop must be entering the twilight zone or something.
Thank for the comments, I add some pictures and hope someone can tell me where to get the right maf pipe.


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It would appear that you do not have the Tin Man's kit installed so it aligns properly. Check to be sure the filter hanging down in your wheel well is sitting relatively perpendicular to the ground. I would think that the reason you cannot align your MAF pipe up to the CAI is because your filter & 90degree elbow are cockeyed. Try to shift the elbow around to get the alignment. Can you post a picture from the side of the car to show us how much filter is hanging down and the orientation of it?

Here's a picture from the front drivers side to show how mine is hanging. Mine aligns properly with the MAF pipe .


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I ended up putting the maf hose back. Looks like the pipe should be straight with a 45 degree bend at the end by the turbo. On a previous GN I have a big mouth kit and it had the mafpipe as I am describing. Anyone know where to get a pipe like that?

Thank in advance for any help


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I think it is because both of those other guys photos have a different MAF, I have an all stock setup on my 87 I just got, I'm looking at your photos and theirs and I think your kit might have been made for an upgraded or converted MAF. Mine is the big ugly clunky one too.
Did you order for a stock maf? Did you tell them you still had a stock maf? The maf pipe they hould have ent you should have had that 45 degree bend and only one of them in the length of the solid pipe coming off the turbo. Possibly the incorrect maf pipe was shipped along with your kit. This is only speculation. You might have to shorten that maf pipe you have there and put a piece of tock style intake hosing to connect the maf and maf pipe (that is if they sent you the correct kit).