Tips for pulling engine?


Jul 16, 2002
I'm finally getting around to pulling my engine. Something let go in it back in September and I've been too busy to do anything till now. Just wondering if any of you guys with experience with this could save me from any potential headaches I may run into. I will be pulling the tranny also and didn't know if pulling them together was better or take the tranny out first then the engine. Any quick tips to help this job go as smooth as possible? Thanks.

I pulled them at the same time for cleaning purposes,easier to mate it all out of the car. Clearances are tight for the top trans/eng bolts.Plug the rear of the tranny,saves alot of clean up. TAKE YOUR TIME!
Take your time and make sure everything is disconnected before you pull it.Don't forget the ground wires on the back side of each head.