tires ?


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Oct 28, 2005
I'm looking to put some tires on gta wheels size 245/50/16 all the way around. Whats the best tire that isnt to expensive and is any1 familiar with any of these. Or any advice

Cooper ZEON 2XS

Dunlop Sport 5000 Asymmetrical

g-Force T/A KDWS
g-Force T/A KDW
G-Force Sport

Falken ZE 512 ZIEX
Kumho ECSTA 711
I will be running the coopers. They are VERY under rated, and priced right. Cooper is also trying to build a good following by doin just that. Good tires at affordable prices.
The KDWs/KDW2s are awesome, but loud, also very pricey. I ran them in 19" and 18" and got good mileage, and if I could get more for free, I'd run them in a hurry. If they do KDs, they are stickier in the dry.(The "w" stands for wet in KDW)
I have run Kuhmo 711s, and got very poor mileage (less than 10,000 a set is poor IMO).
I dont like falkens presonally.
What about Toyo Proxes line. They are real nice, but pricey in some cases.
I currently have Falkens on my truck and they are very nice. When they go out I will be doing the Coopers. They have come a long way and are affordable.
Hey thanks for the info. I was leaning toward Coopers and KDW but due to the price diff I may go with Coopers
I was wondering the same thing. How much are the Coopers in that size? Here is the Walmart site for BFG-

Sorry for the long address. Anyway, tire rack has the KDW for $146 shipped. Walmart has the KDWS for $139 shipped. The KDW is rated for 186 mph and the KDWS is 168 mph. I don't think I will approach 168 anytime soon. I also figured that the KDW, being more high performance, might wear out quicker. So I was leaning towards the KDWS at Walmart. FWIW, my local mechanic recommended Cooper about a year ago.
Order the Coopers Zeon 2xs $406 shipped to door. Going to give those a try. Will keep you all posted.
I ordered mine from a local tire dealer. $88 ea. plus tax. The ebay thread was cheaper, but I just decided to spend my money locally. Plus, if there is a problem with a tire, maybe they will take care of it.