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Many people often ask what is the best auto-x/Road-race/street tire and that may possibly be the hardest to answer. The ratings have no bearing when comparing brand to brand. The government made the Tire company's do a rating system with no standard or base to rate from so each tire company has their own base and rates from that... Example: The Mich Pilot Sport 2 is 220 tread wear and the KDW, although marketed as 300 is just as soft at the 220 Pilot Sport 2 so you can never truly judge a tire simply by the UTQG tread wear rating alone and just because it has a lower number doesn't make it softer than another!

Tires widely used on an Auto-X (In no particular order):

* BFG KDW II - (300 TW)
* Sumitomo HTRZ II - ( 300 TW)
* Toyo Proxis T1R - (280 TW)
* Toyo Proxis R888 - ( 100 TW)
* Toyo RA1 - (100 TW )
* Toyo R1R - ( 140 TW)
* Falken Azenis 615 - ( 200 TW )
* Michelin Pilot Sport II - ( 220 TW )
* Nitto NT05 - ( 200 TW)
* Kumho Ecsta XS - ( 180 TW)
* Kumho Ecsta MX - ( 220 TW)
* Bridgestone RE-11 - ( 180 TW)
* Goodyear F1 GS-D3 - ( 280 TW)

I am sure there are more out there that work fine and by all means if you have used something different on your car on an Auto-X please post up your experience with that Certain tire..
I run Nitto NT01's on my Z06 and its a street car too, even in the rain. They flat out stick on dry pavement! :eek:
I run BFG Radial T/A's on the street and put my Nitto 555R DR's on when I autocross. I have found that they have a decent enough sidewall to handle it and I can get on the gas earlier in corners with those on than the T/A's without spinning. The list of tires above is a pretty great starting point, it's just too bad it's getting so hard to find good tires in 15'' now!