TLink & Scanmaster patch?


Dry White Toast
What is this scanmaster patch I keep reading about?

I have been looking through quite a few threads trying to figure out why I get garbage data with my TLink. The data looks good most of the time but, when I go wide open throttle I seems to be missing data or it does not make sense. If I am just cruizing the data seem ok for the most part with a bad frame occassionally. I am also using a scanmaster and the data it returns always seems correct. I doubt there is a ground problem since the scanmaster always seems to give correct data.

The only chip I have for the car is a JL that was made around June.

The Laptop is a Toshiba Tecra 730XCDT
Parallel port set to normal, EPP

I doubt you have a Scanmaster fast update patch in your chip unless you specifically asked for it. Joe doesn't usually like to put it in unless you really want him to.
Is it possible I might have a lot of EMI at higher RPM? I have new plug wires but, could the alternator be going? Once again my scanmaster doesn't seem to be presenting any bad data.

I emailed Ken once and he said to try a few things ( go to dos mode from run then try booting to dos) but, the same problem still exists.

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I had a Lubrant chip with the patch (2nd hand chip) - it altered the data for just about all the non-essential stuff. Bogus data for 3rd gear, 4th gear, A/C request, PN switch, PROM ID, etc. This really threw me off, as I built my engine and wiring harness from scratch (it had never been run before in this configuration). All the bogus numbers had me totally confused until someone suggested the SM patch - which I had Joe write out ASAP. Everything is normal now.
I think I suggested more than just going to DOS mode... common things to try include:
1. Setting the parallel port to bi-directional or EPP (not ECP)
2. Checking for loose grounds
3. Checking the placement of the laptop to make sure the cable isn't getting wiggled around with the seat cushion (believe it or not, that's been the cause of more than one mysterious problem!)
4. Run the program from the bootable master disk to eliminate any Windoze services or programs interferring with the parallel port
5. With the car idling, wiggle the cable around in different positions to see if maybe something got pinched or loose. If the problem occurs, it indicates something loose in the cable.
6. Check the DOS version ... if it is "Tosh DOS", then reload it with MS DOS. I've seen a couple of the old Toshibas with DOS on them do some wierd things with mouse drivers.

I also offered to troubleshoot the problem, if you'll send me the cable with return shipping. Almost always I can fix the problem for free, unless there's substantial damage to the electronics or assembly. This is support I offer to any TurboLink customers.

Of course, if it's in the laptop setup/configuration, we'll have to continue troubleshooting, but at least the cable will be known good. If you're really serious, send the whole laptop and cable assembly (with return shipping and insurance) and I'll troubleshoot the whole rig.