Scanmaster shows 0 knock after TT chip

ronnie justice

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I recently converted over to E85 using Turbo tweak chip. I also installed a powerlogger in my ecm but it is not wired yet. Scanmaster is still plugged into the data port and I have not changed the chip in it yet.
My question is about my scanmaster KR readings. All other functions on scan master are reading correct as before but now it show me 0 knock no matter what. Before I converted to e85 it always showed some knock. Now nothing. Is there something that could be preventing it from reading knock or is it just not having a problem. Car runs strong.
With the car running try tapping on something on the motor to see if it registers on the scanmaster .
No knock in a TT chip until over 1k+ R.P.M.’s(per Eric).

I would do as Dynoman suggests. Get the R.P.M’s up have a helper tap the block & see.

I had your issue turns out knock sensor actually shit the bed.

That being said it’s VERY hard to get actual knock with E85. Remember you’re running over 100+ octane.
22lbs boost
On e85 i didn't start seeing knock till 36psi but that's my fully setup car and a stand alone cpu management system, just a reference on how good e85 is when its pure. and even then it was something else causing KR not the octane.
Boost @ 34psi no knock , love E85 .
Forgot to mention , the knock sensor should be torqued to 14 ftlbs no more and NO teflon tape on the threads .