tm kit and big wheel


Heavy breather
Jun 21, 2001
I am about to order the tm intake and cooler kit in a few weeks, but want to also go witha larger turbo.. But obviously lag is a concern. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge or good theories on what turbo to go with??? Or even a combination of housing/compressor etc,etc.:confused:
If your sticking with the stock torque convertor - stick with a TA49/TE44. If your gonna go with a loose convertor pick a turbo that matches the convertor.
seeing as how the tm kit relocates the throttle body,if it was me i'd buy a used te-44 and let her rip.

I'm using a TA-54 with a .85 exhasut housing on a 3500 stall AC 9" that spools up a bit too quick....

with a stock converter you may be good up to a TA-60. Dont be afraid of a loose converter though my 3500 is nice on the street.
TM & Big Wheel

In reference to the original question: would anyone have a list of progressively hotter turbos that fit hot airs, because what I've seen in the market place, everyone seems to focus on the i/c unit.
Also at what point (with turbo size) should the torque converter be changed.