Tmf Cold Air Kit


I'm a ASSHOLE.....
Dec 25, 2003
Hey guys

I just got my TMF cold air kit in today. it's a quality piece. The installation was a breeze. also was able to keep my Alky Kit mounted in tha same place with no conflicts with the cold air kit piping. The other great thing about this kit is there is only one coupling required and that is the one for the MAF to the pipe Unlike some other kits out there. This kit mounts the air filter behind the headlight.

This kit i got was a 3.5" he offers a 4" but i wanted to have the piping the same size as my LS1 Maf so i would not need any of the high dollar step hoses. this kit also has a bung added to it for the temp sensor to screw into, so the temp sensor don't protrude all the way into the airflow area.